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Watch for Charging Mousse!

I know it seems that I am always writing about really personal products, especially women’s personal products. I can’t help it. The companies keep serving them up, and I keep chasing them….

Mediapost.com reported yesterday that Replens is introducing a new personal lubricant for women in a mousse form. Intimate Options Personal Lubricant Mousse is now available at retail, in three flavors including vanilla cinnamon. The product’s website will be located at www.letlossethemousse.com.

Is this a good idea? Do they really think that women want to “let loose a mousse” in their private area? I’m not sure about this…

As for the vanilla cinnamon flavor, this can’t be a good idea. Who wants to have this flavor wafting up from their, ummm, well you get the idea. It is like having an overpowering coffee shop aroma in a really exclusive neighborhood. It just doesn’t seem right.

Why do I keep thinking of a weird Bullwinkle R-rated scene?


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