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Coke's Pursuit of Happiness

It was recently announced that Coca-Cola is embarking on the Expedition 206 campaign. In this Images-1 pretty impressive initiative, the company is going to select a few Coke sponsored "Happiness Ambassadors" who will travel throughout the world, visiting the 206 countries in which Coca Cola products are sold. These ambassadors are looking to find examples of happiness in each country, and will communicate their findings through various social media platforms.

Which reminds me of the fact that there are not a whole lot of new ideas, just old ideas newly packaged. 

Here is one of the most famous Coke commercials ever. This aired on televison in 1971, as the war in Vietnam was raging. At the time, the world was seeking some happiness, some peace. Coke took it upon themselves to be Ambassadors of Happiness even then. The result was a commercial that was exteremly well received by the American public.

An idea that worked in 1971, still looks like it might be a good idea 31 years later. Good ideas seldom die, they simply get repackaged. 

Enjoy the video.


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I remember this commercial very well.I was in 6th grade when they started this. It was a pretty catchy song and you would hear people singing it in the grocery store sometimes. It deffinately caught the attention of consumers. Will they bring back that same jingle?

That's what I like about Coke beverages, they are not just soft drinks, but they are also truly an AMBASSADOR OF HAPPINESS!

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