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10 Ways to Help Your Business Fail Faster

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to help your business fail at a significantly quicker pace:

1. Think you are smarter than your customers.

Believe that your customers simply "don't get it", and that they don't have the ability to understand what it is your are telling them. Believe that it will take some time for your customers to gain the knowledge that you have.

2. Think you are smarter than your suppliers and advisers.

Ask a lot of questions, and receive a lot of advice from the people with whom you have hired, and then listen to little of it due to the fact that it is not what you want to hear.

3. Believe that you are irreplaceable.

There is no one who understands this business better than you. No one can do what you do.

4. Believe that people are more loyal to you than they are.

Your employees will do whatever you ask them to do. They will follow you wherever you lead them. They trust you implicitly. And if someone else came into the business to run things, they would simply leave.

5. Stop listening.

There are so many ways to listen to what is happening in the marketplace. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Newsletters, Industry RSS Feeds, it is simply overwhelming. You simply don't have the time, so just ignore it all, and eventually it will go away.

6. Ignore the "warning signs" as they come in.

Your sales are slipping, it must be the economy. Customers are leaving, their business must be bad. People stop buying your product, it must be due to the fact that their cash flow is bad and they're cutting back.

7. Believe in your own hype.

Google your name once a week and see how many times you or your company comes up in a search. If you are so Googleiscious, you must be doing something right, right?.

8. Stop taking risks.

Relax, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Things have gone well, so why rock the boat.

9. Stop innovating. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Your products or services have sold well over the years, why would you want to start worrying about innovation now. Your current products are what got you to where you are today, and innovation is really expensive. Leave innovation to the people at Apple

10. Continue to use the phrase, "because that's just the way we do things."

Start your day every morning by listening to Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is". The refrain can become your mantra:

"That's just the way it is. Some things will never change. That's just the way it is."

Think about it....


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