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How Video Can Enhance Your Brand

I'm a big proponent of using video to communicate a company's message. If done properly, videos can be a great addition to the overall marketing campaign, and can reach a targeted group of potential consumers who are not willing to read a blog, follow a tweet, or become a fan.

Images-1There is little barrier of entry to producing and uploading your video. The cost of a Flip camera is under $200. You can upload your video to Viddler, Vimeo, or YouTube, just to name a few. You can produce a live video stream and send it out to your customers using Ustream or Livestream. You can tweet videos utilizing 12 seconds. Best of all, you can execute your video strategy on all of these platforms for absolutely no cost, other than the cost of the camera and the time it takes to produce and shoot the video.

When videos go viral, and many company videos are fortunate to have this experience, the ultimate brand awareness can be staggering. For those companies who are obsessed with ROI, what can be more cost efficient than spending $200 on a camera, and getting one million viewers hearing your corporate message? It happens every week. But it can and will only happen if you jump in, and implement a video strategy.

I will be the first to admit, the video strategy for our consulting business is almost non-existent. But we are changing that. We have started to put together a strategy that we will roll out over the next few weeks, and we will share the progress with you, what we find is working (for us), as well as the mistakes that we make. I always think it important for us to walk the talk, and if we are encouraging the use of video for our clients, well shame on us for not doing a better job on our own execution.

In the meantime, take a look at this great use of video to promote a corporate brand from the UK. The video is relatively short, as it should be. It is engaging, and maintains the viewer's interest. It tells a story (they have lots of mattresses in stock, and a huge warehouse in which to keep them). It allows you to peer through a window into the company (hey, these people are having fun. Must be great to work there, and a great place with whom to do business). Most importantly, it became viral. 

In 3 months time, over 736,000 viewers have watched this video, and have seen the corporate brand. Cost of camera, $200. Cost of upload, $0. Value of brand awareness, Priceless!

As you watch this video, think about how video might enhance your company's message. Enjoy!


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actually it really depends on the one working and editing the video it depends on its quality.

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