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In Marketing, We Trust

In recognition of Sesame Street's 40th anniversary, today's blog is brought to you by the word,


It is an interesting word, because it can be used in so many ways...

Trust me

I bank at the Northern Trust

My grandparents were wealthy and they left me an inheritance in a Trust

She is a very trustworthy person

But no matter how it is used, whether it is as a noun, verb or adjective, it never loses its meaning. When you think of trust you think of honesty, competency, genuineness, security, relief, worry-free, and the list continues.

Trust is what we all strive for in marketing, isn't it? When we advertise our product, aren't we Images in essence saying "Trust me when I share with you the following information"? When we choose the packaging for our product or service, whether it is a box for a new cookie snack or the outside cover for a PowerPoint presentation, we strive to have our package say "Trust Me", you will love what's inside. When we are looking for a job, or trying to make a sale, and we are marketing our personal brand, aren't we ultimately just asking the employer or prospective customer to trust that we can do the job?

I often say that marketing is about telling a great story. I still believe that to be the case. But I think I need to revise it to say that marketing is about telling a great story, and it needs to be a story that people trust is true.

Yesterday's Blog Post

Yesterday was an interesting day, and I wanted to share with you why there wasn't a blog post. My 82 year old mother fell and broke her hip while shopping in a grocery store on Tuesday. So yesterday was spent flying back to Chicago from Nashville where I had been speaking, rushing to the hospital, anticipating the surgery that was going to take place yesterday afternoon, only to see it get canceled due to some slight complications. My mother is doing as well as can be expected, and hopefully we will see the surgery take place today. Crazy day!

As you can imagine, one doctor after another came into my mother's room. The nurses, who are great, also spent a considerable amount of time with my Mom, making her comfortable, and answering her questions.

But no matter what they told her was happening, and why certain things were being done, she never felt 100% comfortable with their explanations. She kept asking for her doctor, and due to the fact that he was busy, it was hours before he was able to make it to her room.

Finally, at 4:00 a.m. this morning, her doctor made his rounds at the hospital, and filled my Mom in on everything that is happening. Which when she shared with me, I mentioned to her that it was no different than what she was told yesterday by all of the other medical professionals. I pointed out to her that yesterday, she questioned what she was hearing, but today, she was calm and accepting of the information.

And, as only an 82 year old mother can say to her son in a tone that was perfected by her 30+ years as a school teacher, "Joel, I know it is the same information. But I wanted to hear it from MY doctor. He is the only one I trust."

Interesting how TRUST makes all the difference in the world.


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Sorry to hear about your Mom's fall, I hope she will have a better week to come and a speedy recovery. She does have a point about hearing information from her own doctor, for some reason people seem to think that when a doctor tells you what is going to happen, that it is more concrete and real than if anyone else tells you that same stuff. This is especially true with elderly people. The older they get the more that happens. I have worked with the elderly for about 20 years in some capacity and found that to be what happens.
As for trust, as in the trust you put into another person, I had a tendency to be very trusting of what people said to me especially a doctor, but when my husband pasted away I took a different look at that word trust. I now put a little more thought into who I trust and why I trust them.
That probably sounds a little cynicle but past experience has caused that to happen. I do still try to think positive first until something happens to make me think differently.
Trust does need to be earnd.

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