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How About Breakfast?

It is funny how brands can become iconic, but still mean different things to different people.

About six months ago, I had to terminate an employee, a part of the job that I never get used to. I chose to do this outside of the office to make it less painful for the employee, and met the person at a local Denny's restaurant. I know, I'm a big spender, and in retrospect, probably not the best choice. That person will always remember that they were fired at a Denny's. Nonetheless, I did it.

Images-2Yesterday, I asked another employee from the same company if he would like to meet me for breakfast. I suggested the same Denny's since it is close to the office. He sent me an email, asking me if he needed to worry. Was he too, going to be let go from the company.

I find this fascinating. First, I didn't know that people knew that I had met with employee #1 at Denny's to handle the termination. Shows you the power of Word of Mouth. The word must have spread pretty fast that this is where the "dirty work" was done. Secondly, in the employee's mind, Denny's has now become synonymous with potential loss of job security. Within this small group of employees, the Denny's brand has a whole new meaning.

No matter how YOU position YOUR brand, the consumer will ultimately position it any way they so choose. 

And all I wanted were some eggs this morning. 


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You really expected word not to spread, and that employee #2 wouldn't be uneasy heading to a breakfast meeting with you at the same Denny's? Really??

That's great Danny's food stop is really an amazing one stop food shop.

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