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Learnings from WOMMA

I'm attending the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas, where I am speaking on Friday. I'm fortunate Speakersmallto be one of MANY great presenters, and not only do I get to share my knowledge, but I also have the opportunity to learn. My feelings about conferences are simple; if I can walk away with one or two great ideas or learnings, it was well worth my time. 

I heard two things today that while simple, was extremely meaningful, and a great reinforcement to the work that we do for our clients. 

Rob Bondurant, VP of Marketing at Patagonia, talked about what makes their brand successful, and more importantly what makes their Social Media and Word of Mouth campaign work so well with its customers.

Trust Your Brand

Tell Your Story

Have Fun

Simple right? But so important. And not so easy to accomplish.

Here is the second learning I want to share with you today, and I apologize that I don't know to whom I should attribute the credit.

Influencers are not influencers simply because they have a lot of friends. They also have to be able to change behavior.

Think about that the next time you connect with someone who has 1000+ friends. If they aren't the leader of their tribe, with real followers, they really can't serve as an influencer.


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wow i really learc a lot from this event, womma sumit really give me something to know about life,


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