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The Lost Art of Taglines

The art of writing great and memorable taglines seems to have disappeared. A great taglineImages should tell a story about the brand, and more importantly, help the consumer recall the brand instantly, without the brand name ever being mentioned. They simply don't make tag lines like they used to.

How many of these do you remember? Can you name the brands to which they are associated?

1. From the valley of the jolly, Ho, Ho, Ho... ________ _________

2. Tell 'em, Charlie sent you.

3. The San Francisco treat.

4. They're magically delicious.

5. The Uncola

6. Finger-lickin' good.

7. Does she, or doesn't she.

8. Ring around the collar.

9. Good to the last drop.

10. You're in good hands, with ___________.

Answers are on the bottom of this post.

(1. Green Giant Vegetables. 2. StarKist Tuna  3. Rice-a-Roni  4. Lucky Charms  5. 7-Up  6. Kentucky Fried Chicken  7. Clairol Hair Color  8. Wisk Detergent             9. Maxwell House Coffee  10. Allstate Insurance)


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Hey Joel.

Got 'em all. I'm O-L-D!

How about:

They're GREAT!
When You're Out of ________, You're out of beer.
Just let _____________ put YOU-U-U in the Driver's Seat!
Don't Squeeze the ___________.
It's the Richest Kind!
Plop, Plop. Fizz, Fizz. Oh, What a Relief it Is!
You're Soaking in It.
You Deserve a Break Today.
When You're Out of ___________, You're out of town.

They're have been a few more modern gems:

Think Different.
Stay Thirsty, My Friends.
Just Do It.
Your Ally. Your Bank.
Where Brainstorming Began.
We're the Fighting _______.

FYI -- I climbed to the base of that Green Giant statue in Lasueur, MN.

Peas & Happy Thanksgiving!


I was close - I thought Charlie the Tuna was Chicken of the Sea (but at least I knew that was tuna and not chicken!).
How about:
- I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
- Cleans right down to the shine
- I'd walk a mile for a Camel
- Winston tastes good like a cigarett should
- Ring around the collar


Cosmic. This month I launched a new brand, Tagline Jim. That's me. I specialize in writing taglines. I've been doing it for 30 years. I almost agree with your assessment of the sad state of tagline writing. They're out of favor, and therefore the particular craft of tagline writing is being sorely neglected.
Here's the cosmic part. Being based in Evanston, I contacted the Evanston Chamber of Commerce yesterday about joining. I learned that you would be speaking at one of their upcoming events, so I checked out your website. I like it. Then I came across this blog. We need to talk. Meanwhile, thanks for the lists of taglines. I'm building my own database of lines and I didn't have some of these. And there is a section in the talk I give about the essentiality of taglines where I point out that a great tagline is a brand's best shot at immortality. Some of the lines on your list (and Nancy and Doug's list) prove my point. Thanks for shining a light on taglines.

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Why don't you go fishing?


Just found this post -- 8 out of 9... some memorable taglines.

I'm trying to come up with one for my Marketing Firm’s Website serving NY, NJ, and PA. . Talines sure are a lost art -- any help here? Please? Looking for a differentr perspective!


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