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When Brand Extensions Make Little Sense

What is wrong with Donald Trump? Why would he lend his name to an MLM company selling vitamins?

Is it simply ego?

Is it simply greed?

Is it simply that he doesn't understand brand dilution?

I know he's successful. I know he's wealthy. I know he creates some great press. I know that the Trump "brand" is extremely well known.

But isn't this a brand extension that simply shouldn't happen? Like Trump steaks. Like Trump Ice. Like Trump, The Game. Doesn't he understand that all of these various products devalue his overall brand?

I'm embarrassed for him. And I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing about the Trump Network pre-launch opportunity. Just launch the company already, so it can fail within a few years, so we can read about all of the people who have lost money due to the enrollment fees that they paid, so we can read about the executives who defend their pre-failure actions, and ultimately read why Trump says that he is the real victim because he never realized what his "partners" were doing, and they have damaged his reputation, and his name.

Anyone want to take bets when this brand extension bites the dust? This has nightmare written all over it.


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